Ekolot took “affordable” word too seriously and engineered JK-05L Junior. It is constructed with state of the art composite material with wing struts and it’s power plant under the cowling is a industry proven Rotax 912UL 80HP and/or 912ULS 100HP for high altitude take off operations. The Junior with 80HP will climbs around 700 fpm at the sea level and cruise at over 100KIAS, where our competitors usually performs with 100HP engine. JK-05L Junior defines the future of S-LSA by offering this high quality aircraft for less than $100K with many luxurious options already equipped on board.

Not only performance and it’s exceptional value, Ekolot also engineered their aircrafts with ease of maintenance unlike other high performance S-LSA and it has space under the cowling for easy access to perform many of the usual Rotax required maintenance. So, if you are thinking of “USED” S-LSA, don’t settle with hundred of hours on a pre-owned start up quality S-LSA, you might be a few thousands away from purchasing a “NEW” state of the art JK-05L Junior with options and preferred instruments.

Now, if you own or operate a flight school. What a great idea to minimize your operating costs by replace your current fleet with JK-05L Junior? Not only you can say good bye to high price 100LL AVEGAS and operate your fleet of JK-05L with MOGAS, JK-05L Junior sips gas at mare 4 gallons per hour. Also, the date you start operating your feet of JK-05L Junior, you will hear and feel the energy you were desperately looking to inject into your operation by introducing state of the art all composite true 21st century modern aircrafts.

Yes, time is now to start your new journey whether you are a new pilot or flight school owner/operator, look no further and JK-05L Junior will definitely meet and exceed your expectations.

We hope JK-05L Junior will be your next aircraft of choice with information you learned form this website.

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