KR-030 Topaz is a true Best in Class S-LSA in the market today. It’s exterior style to interior design, performance and it’s value, there is no other S-LSA aircraft offers more complete aircraft than KR-030 Topaz.  KR-030XLS “Sport” Topaz has modern exterior design with sport car like interior and top of the line avionics to even envy some of the new general aviation aircrafts. With all of those high end appearance and performance, only thing do not exceeds other S-LSA maker is it’s price.

KR-030 Topaz with 100HP engine will be at least $20k and as high as $50k less than competitor’s high end model. Therefore, we can call Henryk of Ekolot a modern day Henry Ford, who is a visionary and a cost conscious business man promoting Ekolot as a to bring back the industry’s promise to offer aircraft within the reach of ordinary folks. If you see it, feel it, and test it at your local dealer. You will be the next pilot truly convinced, Ekolot KR-030 Topaz is the Best in Class S-LSA today.

Therefore, KR-030 Topaz with all of the high end finish interior and 2nd to none performance and safety.  There is no other aircraft in S-LSA market even come close to Topaz in finish, performance within the value of this great aircraft.

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You can also check youtube videos and 3rd party information to make your decision, we are sure you will return to Ekolot line of products after your through investigations and realize KR-030 Topaz is the best in class S-LSA in the market today.

Or simply contact your nearest representative and find out more about KR-030 Topaz.