Ekolot line is a true industry disruptor and our aircrafts are engineered with value, comfort and performance in mind;


Affordable , yet state of the art composite material with 4 cycle engine S-LSA, act like a motor glider. If you are looking for a fair weather local flight / glide pilots, don’t wait and take Elf to the sky and you will not be disappointed. Call your local dealer and let’s fly like an eagle.


Affordable, yet state of the art composite material with proven Rotax engine and one of a kind S-LSA for your dream getaway to a low maintenance affordable daily trainer. Ekolot JK-05L junior with 912UL 80HP engine can cruise speed at above 100KIAS, falcon-wing doors for easy access, foldable wings for easy transport, 600-6 durable main tires with Ekolot’s trademark automobile like interior and much more options with less than $100K delivered. There is no other S-LSA maker can offer stunning, yet high quality, high performance aircraft at this price. Call your local dealer and start your journey or save cost of your operations today.


“Best in Class” S-LSA with state of the art composite material with the base engine of Rotax 912UL and which it can be upgraded to either 912ULS 100HP or 912iS fuel injection 100HP.  Call your local Ekolot dealer and see how it’s made.  “Seeing is believing“, don’t settle with less when you come to purchasing your dream.  It features modern automobile like interior with many upgradable options just like premium priced S-LSA manufactures; Double glass instruments, 2 axes autopilot, Mode S transponder, high quality F.U.N.K.E. radio, premium Beringer wheels, 600-6 main tires, ballistic parachute, lockable storages, fuel caps, cabin doors and much more. KR-030 Topaz “Sport” edition is a perfect Gen X & Gen Y beauty and if you are more used to the traditional style, we have a solid color with wood like trim with gauges.

If you know anything about material, engineering, and manufacturing, you can tell Ekolot is the best in class.