Ekolot product line quality standards has been monitored by both Polish government and ASTM international standards.  In particular, Polish government aircraft manufacturing regulation can be even dated as early as 1910.  Ekolot’s strength is not only their traditional engineering and manufacturing practices, but value is exceptional against other manufactures.  Currently, there is no other S-LSA manufacture who can offer this long traditions along with quality, value, and performance in a small package.  Ekolot is simply a combination of “seeing is believing” along with “greatness comes in a small package“.

We believe your research lead you to this page and now that you finally discovered Ekolot.  You are very skeptic and asking your-self, why Ekolot have yet to sold more S-LSA than other manufactures.  We are sure even after your introduction flight along with a quote from your local Ekolot dealer along with your research still leave you to think “it is too good to be true“.  Well…it is true and now you just discovered one of the only S-LSA manufacture who bring the complete aircraft well under the price currently offered by other all composite construction S-LSA manufactures.