What is Sport Pilot License?



Sport pilot license is the newest category Federal Aviation Administration created in September 2004. The intent of this new category of pilot certification is to lower the barriers of entry into aviation and also to make the flying more affordable. This new rule also created the new category of aircraft (LSA – Light Sport Aircraft), which is smaller and lower powered aircraft.  The most noticeable sport pilot license restrictions are; day time only, no more than 1 passenger, no compensations, no flight above 10,000 feet.

The sport pilot license is the only certificate without the requirement to obtain a medical certificate. Even with the new medical certificate ruling effective as of May 1st 2017, a private pilot certificate holder still require a complete medical examination within 48 months prior to the inception date and every four years there after. Also, BasicMed restrict pilot to operate aircraft under 250 KIAS and no higher than 18,000 feet and take off weight less than 6,000 pounds.

  • For sport pilot certificate, you must:
    Be at least 17 years old
    Minimum of 20 hour flight time which includes;
    – 15 hours of flight training* by authorized flight instructor
    – 5 hours of solo flight
  • *Flight training must includes;
    – 2 hour cross country training
    – 10 take offs and landings
    – Solo cross country flight minimum of 75 nautical miles total distance with at least 25 nautical miles between take off and landing
    – 3 hours flight training in preparation for the practical test
  • FAA knowledge test
  • FAA practical test

For more information, please visit FAA Sport Pilot License page – here