KR-030 Topaz is a S-LSA market disruptor with the first aircraft to comprises; craftsmanship, performance, safety, and value.  It will simply captivate your eyes and mind with its automobile like precision, details and price range.  Now, we can finally enjoy the full amenities in S-LSA segment in the United States.  Topaz superiority amongst the competition in the S-LSA market can be found on VS COMPETITORS on this website.

A full composite high-wing monoplane utilize Parabeam® vinyl-ester resins composite material. Vinyl-ester resins can be painted and have far better thermal resistance qualities and mechanical traits to that of more conventionally used epoxy resins. The modified NN 1817 laminar wing profile displays very beneficial low-drag aerodynamic qualities returning an exceptional glide ratio of 17:1.

The main spar is constructed from foam and carbon fiber and the Topaz uses a full-section cantilever wing with separate flaps and ailerons that are balanced to prevent flutter. The fuselage section has a cockpit with of 47.25 inches and incorporates the vertical stabilizer. The Topaz uses forward folding doors and the canopy and doors are tinted and with UV protection as standards. The plane features storage behind the seats and Galaxy GRS ballistic parachute rescue system that can be fitted as an option.

Topaz’a cabin is fitted with comfortable seating with choice of leather, microfiber, and two tone Sport version with automobile like floor mats and trim finishes. It’s control stick is unique to Ekolot line of aircraft and located in the center consul in front arm rest for comfort during the flight.

In standard option, the plane has got a single control stick in the middle of the cockpit equipped with ROTAX 912UL engine (80HP), and engine can be upgraded to ROTAX 912ULS (100HP) and/or ROTAX 912IS (FUEL INJECTED 100HP). Fuel tanks are situated at the back of the cockpit.

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