Ekolot JK-05L Junior is one of the only all composite S-LSA aircraft in the market well equipped and it can be delivered to your local dealer at under $100k mark.  FAA originally created S-LSA segment in 2004 to counter diminishing general aviation industry in the U.S.  Their initial goal was to create a segment which consumers can enjoy a new aircraft under $100k mark.

However, fast forward to 2017, only a few all composite S-LSA manufactures who kept their price at around original target set by the industry.  Many manufactures now offers their S-LSA nearing $200k mark after plagued by several bankruptcies through R & D to break into the next segment.

Now, Ekolot JK-05L can restore the “promise” set by the industry in 2004 and we can finally enjoy “NEW” all composite and modern Special Light Sport aircraft under $100k mark.  The company has a solid financial performance since the inception in 1995 and now Ekolot is ready to introduce modern S-LSA for american consumers.