Poland has been involved in aircraft industry ever since 1910 and the country was one of the main strategic aircraft engineering and manufacturing hub for Soviet Union after the WWII.  At the height of the cold war, Polish manufactures produced over 1,000 aircrafts annually from glider, fighter jets to passenger aircrafts until 1989.  After the cold war, Poland adopted democracy in 1990 and soon after it’s government realized the importance of the aviation tradition in Poland and initiated the Defense and Aircraft Industry Transformation Program 1996~2010 to show the continuous effort and commitment in the aviation industry.

Today, Polish Institute of Aviation committed their partnership effort with the U.S. firm General Electric and created the joint venture Engineering Design Center in Warsaw Poland.  The relationship between Poland and U.S. in aviation industry strengthen after United Technology Corporation -Pratt and Whitney acquired 85% of WSK Rzeszow.  UTC further their investment in Poland via manufacturing agreement with PZL Mielec in Poland to produce UH-60 Black Hawk.  Pratt and Whitney also committed to open Aviation Material Research Center in Poland.

Poland’s tradition and history in aviation confirms EKOLOT’s sound design and engineering unlike many other competitors in S-LSA manufacturing industry.  After a quarter of century of democracy in Poland and it’s strong tie with the U.S. aviation industry, in our minds, if not the U.S., then fly the Polish EKOLOT.